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Digital has changed everything for many photographers. It has given some of us, that never thought we could ever afford it, the chance to pursue a passion and a talent.

After working on such a complicated art form and frequenting some historical venues in Hollywood, I have come to appreciate the value of an iconic print from your favorite performer or band. It adds a classical and vintage feel to a new technology. This forces you, the viewer, to really choose that one image that speaks to you and appreciate all of the detail, vibrance, and emotion it conveys. Technology has brought us to a point that has given us so many options to choose from, and this provides a variety of choices for paper, printers, mattes, & frames. Additionally, all of these options have become much more affordable which makes it so much easier for people to decorate with their favorite photography.

It is no big secret that many photographers do this plainly for the love of photography. Concert photography provides a great challenge to capture great moments under extreme conditions. But it is also a tremendous challenge with concert photography for photographers to make money. There are very little budgets for all of the great images that are being taken at many concerts these days. It goes far beyond selling a print to make some dough. This allows us to maintain our gear, buy new gear when needed, and try to make photography as self-sufficient as possible. So where does the rest end up? Well, 15% of my sales go to an organization called They are great friends that are working to build and support an orphanage in Kenya. They have a wonderful cause and are doing amazing things for the children of Kenya. By selling my prints independently rather than through a service online, I am better able to control the quality of the prints as well as the price. For the size and quality, it would be difficult to find better prices on such prints.

Buy a print. You can help others, Support Photographers, And you will be able to enjoy photography in a lasting way.

Please know that I have searched far & wide, and have worked very hard to develop a book of venders and printers that provide the highest quality work while keeping the impact light on your bank account.

Types of prints available:
*Matte, Satin, Gloss, High Gloss papers
*Canvas & Canvas mounted to wood frame
*Albums & Recap books

Additional options:
*Prints mounted in white or black foam core
*Laminated prints, protecting them from the elements
*Custom framing options
*Custom mounting

As there are many options with choosing a print size, medium, mount, and framing, please contact me and we can discuss the price ranges for various photos & mediums.

Full Galleries for prints can be found HERE.

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