All Access with Saint Motel at the Belasco Theater

One of the greatest honors I’ve had this year has been the opportunity to hang out with and get to know the members of the fantastic band, Saint Motel. Ahead of their upcoming album, saintmotelevison which releases on Oct. 21st, they set out last week on a two month U.S. Tour.  Their second stop being, a hometown show at the Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Most people dont know how uncommon it is in this business to get to work so closely with and befriend such a talented and popular band.  Many people imagine we are backstage or even […]

Legends gather for Songs of Hope

Never a bad way  to spend a Wednesday night. The Songs of Hope event put on by City of Hope and Los Angeles Magazine is always one of my favorite events of the year, and this year was no exception. This event is always a great gathering of legendary people and exceptional talent to raise money and awareness for the heroic work being done by the Doctors and Staff at the City of Hope. This was my third year having the privilege to cover the event for Los Angeles Magazine.  By this point I’ve learned a bit of what to […]

Thinking about photography…

After a fantastic trip to Photoshop World 2016 in Las Vegas, it’s caused me to reflect on my photography and my approach as an entrepreneur.  From the many great workshops I was able to learn about how those that are at the top of their fields think and approach their craft. My brain has been mulling over the plethora of information.  Through all of this, I’ve come to a very simple truth about what makes a great photographer in any field or to that end, what causes them to take great photos.  Although we might think photography is about the […]

Best Photos of 2015

2015 was a spectacular year for photos.  Id like to thank everyone for your encouragement and support of my work.  I feel like great things are on the way.  This is in large part to the support and belief I have from loved ones and clients.  Enjoy a selection of some of my best/favorite photos from 2015.

MuteMath — Out of this world at the Satellite

MuteMath put on a killer performance at the Satellite on Thursday, Oct. 10th. Eager fans lined up and waited patiently for this very special show after their performance for Jimmy Kimmel, and the band did not disappoint. This very small special show was one of the best I have ever seen. The set featured everything you have come to expect from them, amazing light production, fantastic musicianship, electrifying energy, and oh yeah, a killer 2 hour long set of songs that ranged all the way back to their EP. This show was everything you could have hoped for and in […]

RIP, The King of Blues

In honor of BB King, today I think back to a very memorable moment in my “photo life”. Very early on, somewhere in my first full year of shooting, BB King came to town and I knew I had to try to photograph this show. I have been a huge fan of his for some time and didnt know when I might get another chance to ever try to try to cover him again. To my surprise, this new shooter was approved to photographer the legend, himself. I couldnt believe it. Fast forward to the day of the show. I […]

Meet Jenni Alpert

You may not have heard of her, but you have now! go and check her out. She is the next great thing in music. I was so pleased to have to opportunity to do a photo shoot with her recently at the Gibson Showroom. this pic is just a sample of what we got. some really great pics to come. Jenni will also be playing on May 3rd at Hotel Cafe for the late show. I recommend you take the time to check out her set. You can thank me after.

The new and improved!!!!

Welcome to my new and improved portfolio website. Maximized with galleries, awesome movements, millions of options.. and this nifty new journal (aka blog). So here is to a new beginning. Check back as I will be tirelessly to get more of my best photos up here for you all to enjoy. And here is to “journaling” on here with new galleries of my current projects and what Im up to.